Saturday, December 17, 2011

Ward Christmas Party

We attended our ward Christmas party last night! The food was great and the entertainment was exceptional. Each group in the ward was assigned to give a performance. The little primary children dressed in the traditional nativity costumes and sang "Silent Night". We wanted to let all the primary children dress up but it was quite a bit of work scrounging to make sure everyone had a costume of sorts. We were planning on some of the kids bringing their own but only four did. I will need to add to my supply, I was over the primary children acting out the nativity last year and had costumes for only the senior primary but with help from our primary chorister we came up with just enough costumes. This included one girl wearing the background, I had made last year, draped over her shoulders to look like a robe. I guess I'll be making a few trips to our local DI and buying some material so my stock is better for next year. They all did a great job singing and loved being dressed up. The other groups all did songs too. The Elder's Quorum gets points for most creativity. They sang "On the First Day of Christmas" with a bit of a twist. It was LDS oriented with what the Savior gives to us, like one living prophet, two home teachers, and so on.

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