Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Joshua's 5th Birthday Party!!!

Joshua was so excited to be 5! Now he's old enough for kindergarten and so much bigger. He's one of the big kids now! We had a great weekend with lots of family to help celebrate our little man. Erica and Charles even came down from Roy to join us. He was showered with family, food and fun. We made sure it was an all about Joshua weekend even taking the family out to Red Robin Saturday night to celebrate a little more! Joshua is such a great kid. He's smart and silly, loves his family, makes friends quickly, works hard, loves preschool and goofing around. He is a great helper with his baby sister and is willing to stop what he's doing just to play with her if mom needs some help! He is a great example to his siblings and loves everyone unconditionally. We love you Joshua!

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Aubrey said...

Happy Birthday Joshie! Looks like you had a great party! Can't believe he's five... time is going way too fast! :)