Sunday, June 10, 2012

Brooklyn is 8 months old

Our sweet little miss has turned 8 months old. She is getting around better everyday and quite the ball of energy! Brooklyn loves to be entertained; her brothers always keep her busy! Brooklyn loves the water, she loves to splash and play without any fear. She can say dada, hey, baba and blows raspberries. She has discovered how to clap and claps for anyone including herself. Our sweet girl has taken a liking for her big sister, Katelyn and beams whenever she enters the room. Brooklyn loves food! She begs to try everything and hasn't found much that she doesn't like besides the mushed up baby peas! Brooklyn is still quite the cuddler and loves to give kisses too. She smiles just for the fun of it but we all love when she giggles, it's a serious belly laugh when you get her going. Brooklyn lights up our life and brings so much joy to our family!

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