Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Pioneer Day weekend

We spent the 24th of July weekend camping out in Duck Creek with the Bonewell family. We started Saturday through to Tuesday afternoon with lots of games, hiking, 4-wheelin', fishing, food and chatting! The small town of Duck Creek is great and supplied us with everything we forgot, the even maintain several 4-wheelin' trails! Our campsite was right next to the ATV parking and flushing toilets plus it backed up to the forest. It gave us plenty of room to play in the great outdoors but provided us with all the modern conveniences, even Cameron took a shower! Maybe next year we can get Brandon & Goldie with their kiddos and Brian & Kelsey with their kiddos to join in the festivities?!?

The kids loved roughing it in the great outdoors! Lots of dirt to play in, trails to hike and chipmunks to chase around. The Turnbow kids brought their bikes and were kind enough to share them with my boys too. The boys and Hailey found several bike jumps to add to their adventure!

We traveled through to lots of hiking adventures and caves. Taylor isn't very fond of heights and struggled a little bit with the cliffs and steep hills. Matthew, Taylor and I sat on the sidelines while the others played on the mountain. 

Everyone loved hanging out with family and stuffing our faces with yummy goodness! Unfortunately, every time we sat down for a meal the rains would come which was rather frustrating but Zack set up a tarp in between several trees and gave us a large area that stayed dry. We dealt with the same dilema back in Mantua and were a little more prepared for it this time around. It seems to be the theme for this year, rainy family reunions!

We finished off by playing several minute-to-win-it games! It kept everyone laughing and playing! It was a pretty successful reunion!

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