Friday, August 10, 2012

Brooklyn is 10 months old

This spunky little miss is getting so BIG! Our sweet little Brooklyn is crawling everywhere, causing lots of messes and keeps everyone on their toes! She loves to jabber and squeal and jabber some more. She is able to say mama, dada, papa, baba (bottle), tatie (Katie), hey, Eeee (emily - Katie's friend), hi, keep (helping Grandpa with packing), stinky and yes. She is mimicking everyone and everything. She loves to sing!

She is great at making mayhem, she now empties about every drawer, bag, cupboard and closet in the house. Brooklyn does not like heights and avoids the stairs. She is a little fishy and loves to splash in the water. She is still quite obsessed with her best buddy Katie! Brooklyn has quite the little personality and likes what she likes. Brooklyn has a big heart and loves everyone. She is still quite the cuddler! We sure love our baby girl!

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