Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween 2012

We had a great Halloween full of lots of activities, candy and running around! The kids have more candy than they could ever want and had a blast dressing up in their costumes!

Zack as Clark Kent aka Superman
(nerdy glasses and all)
Katelyn as Captain Jack Sparrow
(a girly version of course)

Taylor as the invincible Batman
(he's a stud, what more can I say?!?)

William as the Black Ninja
(don't mess with this kid, he's a ninja)

Joshua in disguise as the Red Power Ranger 
(sorry a little attitude mixed in there too!)

Matthew as the Gold Power Ranger
(tough kid!)

Brooklyn as little miss ballerina
(her brothers were holding her back so I could actually get a picture)

Halloween is always a fun way to bring in the holidays! The kids love all the candy and disguises! It's just for fun! Purely a kid holiday but grown-ups are just big kids too!


knygard said...

I love your husbands costume, wish I could get my husband to dress up.

Shenille said...

How fun! Great costumes!