Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas 2012

Christmas Eve at our house always ends with Christmas pjs and Daddy reading the story of the birth of our saviour in Luke 2. We put out some cookies for Santa too before we tuck the little ones into bed for the night.

After a long winter's night, William woke us all up to see what was left under the tree. Our children were spoiled beyond rotten after they saw what they had each gotten. (Sorry a little corny I know!)

We started a new tradition this year with the children each drawing names and then working all December to earn money for the gifts they would exchange. It was pretty fun to see their enthusiasm in giving this year! Much better than all the focus on getting.

We headed over to my parents home for breakfast and more gift exchanges. The kids were loaded with treats and fun toys. Brooklyn was overwhelmed with everything going on around her! It was a very fun Christmas;even though most of us were battling the flu and sugar comas too!

We are so thankful for a loving Heavenly Father who sent His son to be an example for us, to sacrifice and die for us. We can truly feel the Christmas spirit this year. The Lord lives and loves us. We can see our blessings beyond measure. This year has helped us grow and learn as a family. We are truly blessed with these wonderful children, good jobs, a nice home, reliable transportation, money enough for our needs and a little extra here and there, friends and family and each other! What a wonderful celebration of the Lord's birth to finish off the year.  

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