Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving Day weekend in Salt Lake and surrounding areas

We headed up north to spend the Thanksgiving holiday with Zack's family. Thanksgiving day was at Grandma Benson's home. She had quite the houseful. Uncles, aunts, cousins and Grandma Benson too! It was very fun and the food was wonderful.

We were pleased to be able to see so much family! Zack's cousins who are attending BYU-Idaho came down for Thanksgiving too. It was lots of fun.

David, Zack, Stephen, Danielle, Rachel, Jordan, Daniel and Samuel

On Friday Zack was sick and we didn't get much playtime. Erica and Alisha did a little black Friday shopping after the crowds had dispersed! Charles took us all over to the Air Force Museum while the babies slept. The kids thought it was awesome but really didn't get enough time to see everything there was. It was pretty cool!

Saturday we headed back down to Salt Lake and visited with Grandpa Chuck and Grandma Karla. It was nice to visit with them and check on Grandpa after all of his knee surgeries. He's a trooper! Grandma Karla fed us some yummy leftovers. She is doing so much to keep Grandpa going!

We headed over to Temple Square to see the Christmas lights! It was beautiful as ever except the nativity wasn't working. That was a bummer. Taylor says he wants to live in a city since there was so much going on there.

We played lots with the Charles and Erica while we were in town. They were kind enough to let us stay at their home for the whole weekend. Adding 8 people to your household for 4 days can be quite crazy! Poor Reed was sick the whole time and had a hard time sleeping but they were troopers. Charles was good to let the boys play wii with him and rake up piles of leaves to let the kids jump in. Erica made sure we always had plenty to eat and activities to do. Thanks for making are stay so nice.


Laney said...

What a fun holiday!!

Charlie and Erica said...

You all are welcome anytime! It was really fun to have you stay.

Charlie and Erica said...

You all are welcome anytime! We enjoyed you staying with us a whole bunch!