Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Senior Prom

Zack and I attended the Pine View High senior prom (as chaperones). It was lots of fun! We got all dressed up, danced a little, goofed around a lot, walked around, ate some yummy treats and laughed a whole bunch.

It was very different than my senior prom. They didn't take formal pictures, with technology now days the kids usually just whip out their phones anyways and their parents take pictures beforehand too. (The yearbook staff was nice enough to take a snapshot for us though!) The king and queen were crowned at an assembly instead of at the dance. They did have a song played for them but it wasn't really a slow song though. These kids do more bouncing than actually dancing now days, there was very few slow songs even played maybe 5 in 3 hours.The music was very new to me. We only heard about 10 songs that we knew. The kids loved it though!  I guess we're getting old but it was still fun to spend some time together and act like kids again!
Don't worry Zack lead the dancing out on the floor at first which was a little frightening, let's just say there was moon walking involved. Yikes! It did brought plenty of attention to the dance floor and got the party started!

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Jessica Alvey said...

Thanks for keeping us updated! I don't always comment but we always read them. Prom looks fun! Never heard of it being held in January though!