Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine's Day

The kids were thoroughly spoiled with their candy supply this Valentine's Day! Lots of class parties, gifts from friends and both parents giving treats! Zack got the girls play jewelry and the boys glow in the dark bands. Unfortunately he wasn't paying much attention to the card he grabbed for them. It said Happy Valentine's Day, Grandson! I spoiled all the kids with goody bags of chocolate, then we played Valentine's games and they ate a heart shaped pizza for dinner. Zack went a bit crazy this year! He rented a limo for the night, dinner at a fancy restaurant, chocolates, flowers and a necklace. Where did this guy come from?!? He doesn't usually plan anything until the last minute so it was quite surprising with all the gifts and all. Everyone had a good time and felt loved!
I think I'll take a nap to recover! 

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