Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Taylor's Baseball birthday

We celebrated Taylor by having all the family attend his baseball game including cupcakes and then heading over to our house to open presents since it was so windy! He was thrilled to have everyone watch him play. Grandpa & Grandma, TJ, Cameron & Jennifer plus kiddos, Tim stopped by with Jaerick too and Aunt Kelsey was even able to join in the fun. He really has enjoyed baseball this year! Taylor has really grown up this past year. He is not a little kid. Ten years is quite a big deal! He's much more into his friends, food and air soft guns now. Taylor is incredibly loving with his baby sister and is always helping with her. He is a good example to his younger siblings and drives his older sister crazy. A boy's job is never done! He had a great day and loved all the birthday wishes!

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