Saturday, November 30, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

Another Thanksgiving come and gone. It was a lot less stressful than years past. I was done with all my dishes by Wednesday, we played with the kids and enjoyed time together. The food was good and Brooklyn got plenty of baby time. We reflected on all the blessings of this past year. A new home, good health, and good jobs. We've been surrounded by many people who have shown us love and kindness. We've been well taken care of. Our children are happy and secure. It's a good life. This past several months have been rather eye opening with our living/family situation. It has brought our family closer and we are more grateful for each other and for God's love in our life.  

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Sherilyn Bennion said...

Love you all and miss you tons. So happy your new home, etc., is working out for you. We wish you all the best of everything. Keep in touch! Sherilyn Bennion