Monday, July 30, 2007

Surprise your 50

So, both of my parents turn 50 in August and we thought it would be a great idea to throw them a Surprise birthday. My nephew's birthday is July 29th so we used that as the cover. It was a lot preparation with a dinner, live entertainment, and a video Mr. A created using all their photos of the past with some songs they would recognize! Here is the initial surpise! A family from our ward performed some Samoan dances for the family! My parents got up in front of everyone and danced!

It was worth it just to see their surprised looks!
I didn't get a picture of the kitchen but after we served the cupcakes for dessert, Rex and my niece made their way into the kitchen and found the remaining cupcakes. Let's just say that it took a family friend and me a while to scrub all the chocolate frosting off the floors and cupboards!

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