Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Book Reviews: First Day of Forever and The Reunion

I just finished reading two of Jack Weyland's books, they are both out of print but I was lucky enough to get them from our library here in St George. First, I read First day of forever, it is a compilation of many of Jack Weyland's short stories written for the New Era several years back. They were heartwarming and focused on missionary work at different phases of relationships. I enjoyed the read. Second, I read The Reunion, which is a novel about a bishop who is headed to his 20 year high school reunion. The book makes you realize how much a man has to sacrifice for his religion when called upon to serve in such a demanding calling as a bishop would be. I found new respect for our bishop and thoroughly enjoyed the added humor that Mr. Weyland used. In one part the bishop through many phone calls one evening receives an anonymous call asking his favorite color, he answers the color green. The call ends abruptly. Later on in the story he calls his neighbor and asks about his home to make sure it wasn't broken into. The neighbor gets back on the phone to tell him that the priest and laurel group had painted the house "garden hose green" as a service project!!! It was very fun!

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