Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Family Photo Session

Well we took our kids to Sears Portrait studios here in St. George to get our family picture taken. It is so hard to get everyone to work together on the whole thing. The assistant to the photographer gave up on the kids half way through the shoot because the kids weren't really interested in blowing a cake off her head! I do believe I would be much better at taking pictures than most of these girls we pay to do it. When I took Jack-Jack in to get his blessing pictures at the same place, the lady kept making this high pitched squeal and he would start bawling. Do they not see that if it is bothering the child: DO NOT DO IT AGAIN!!!

The pictures turned out okay as you can see but I really liked getting our pictures taken at JC Penney's before and they don't have one down here. I guess we'll just have to pay someone with a little bit of talent a few extra dollars and get what I want next time. Sorry to anyone who may actually be working at Sears Portraits, I just don't like this one here I haven't gotten very good service for the past two years. Fortunately, my smile savers expires next month. Maybe I'll just take them myself or ask a friend of mine.

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