Monday, January 28, 2008

Jack-Jack's 1st Birthday Party!

We decided to celebrate Jack-Jack's 1st Birthday on Sunday after church as that would be much easier for everyone to attend. It was a nice party and Jack-Jack loved his presents. He was a little tired during the party as it was his naptime, it took him about 5 minutes to realize that we gave him cake to eat! He was very happy and loved playing with everyone.

Little Jack-Jack finally digging into the cake!
It took my mom a little time to figure out our camera so she could take a picture of Jack-jack with the cake. Fortunately he was so tired he barely noticed that we pinned his arms down so he wouldn't grab the hot candle! My mom and SIL
The boys and Grandpa B Obi & my little brother
his eyes are drooping in this picture!

Dad & Grandpa B
I made him a cute chocolate cake that looked like a drum. I also made a cupcake that Jack-Jack could dig into so he would be nice and messy for the pictures!
Kids doing the dishes with Mr. A observing on the sideline!
Sweet baby boy!

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