Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Visiting Family

Mr. A's little brother came home from his mission at the beginning of January. We were finally able to go visit during Martin Luther King Day because of the three day weekend. Unfortunately due to a heavy snow storm we left a little earlier than planned and missed a birthday party for our niece. Since we have lived in St George for the past 2 1/2 years we have not been use to the heavy snow lately and after passing several wrecks on the side of the road we decided it best to try our way home before the weather got any worse. This is Mr. A with his two little brothers. They haven't been all together for over three years!

The kids were able to build a snowman with the snow that had already come on Friday. With the Monday snow fall they would have been able to build a whole civilization of snowmen. The kids were thrilled to play in the snow.
On the way to SL and back we always stop over at the Shell gas station in Fillmore. There is a nice rest stop with a playground right next to it. The kids always seem to get antsy about half way through the trip so this is the perfect stop! Here is Jack-Jack enjoying the slide.

Rex just loves the outdoors and really was thrilled to get out of the car and play for a little while!
The older kids were chasing each other the whole time and I caught them actually enjoying being together for a moment. They were struggling being by each other during the car trip. The traditional "She's touching me" game was very annoying! Well we survived the trip and enjoyed playing with cousins on both sides. We stayed the night at my sister's home and spent the day over at Grandma B's home.

We got to meet Mr. A's sister's newest addition! We also met Mr. A's brother's fiance, as he is getting married in August. She is a very quick wit and loves babies. He is very happy and she'll keep him on his toes! I kept leaving my camera in the car so I didn't get very many pictures, darn it! This picture was one that Mr. A's mom, put on the family website.

It was a fun but quick trip and we are glad that we made it. Maybe next time the weather won't be so bad and we'll be able to stay longer and play!

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