Monday, June 9, 2008

An over abundance of projects

Our house seems to be an over abundance of projects. Right now we have several projects well underway!!! Ms. A was so kind as to paint the closet doors in both Jack-Jack's and our bedrooms on Saturday. It makes the rooms look much more finished. We added blinds to the boys' room so that nap time was a little more successful. It is hard to get a three year old to take a nap when the sun is shining straight down on him. Curtain rods were put up in both Bella and Jack-Jack's rooms. I found a really cute butterfly rod to match the room, it has both pink and purple on it!
I bought this cute toy box at Target and put it together for all of Bella's toys, since the boys aren't allowed to play with all the tiny pieces it's better that they remain out of view (nicely!!!) She has all these tiny pieces from Polly pockets, Barbies, My little Ponies, etc. Not very baby friendly and it's not like she's going to keep them away from the baby without a little motivation. We are excited to announce that we have our window well covers and are so thrilled about it! It makes me so much less nervous when the boys play outside now! They are really nice, custom made and only cost me $80/a piece which was much cheaper than I had found previously. It pays to know someone who works with that kind of stuff!!!

Mr. A has already finished most of the excavation work in the backyard!!! Yeah!!! We have had 46 tons of dirt brought in to make this layout work for us. If you can avoid having a sloped yard by all means do!!! This has been a bit of a pain!!!

We ordered the diamond blocks from Sunroc last Friday and it was delivered this morning. It is very exciting that it is all coming together so quickly!!! With Mr. A being off for the summer from teaching his mornings are busy with the "honey do" list.
Don't you just love the color. It is called Desert Sandstone.
I have been moving along rather smoothly with my dinosaur mural in the boys' room. I am rather proud of how it has turned out! I still have some details and grass to add but it is looking rather good!!! Anyone have any good t-rex ideas, I am adding him to the opposite wall next to the original dinosaur who inspired all this.


Turnbow's said...

here is the bedding to top this off!

Em said...

Alisha, everything looks so great. I can't believe you painted that mural in the boys room! That is incredible!! You are so talented!

spaceyhawks said...

Wow look at you go! The kids rooms look awesome. What a great mom you are. ;-)

Turnbow's said...

Oh nevermind go to and its under kids bedding and boys. Its the first bedding you will love it!

Meet the Falkners said...

Amazing! You guys are so talented and super motivated. Want to share some of that with us? I tore the wall paper out of my bathroom in our bedroom almost a year ago and since we don't know what we want to do, it sits! Your house looks so good! Keep up the good work.

Kara said...

I hear you sista'! The overabundance of projects is insane! I am so impressed with the mural in the boys' room! You've inspired me!

Wish I had been with you all on your ladies weekend to Vegas! Looks like you laughed a lot!

Great Blog!