Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Crib Mishaps

We have had this crib throughout all my babies. I'm not quite sure J will let the next baby use it before he breaks the whole darn thing! Yesterday afternoon J was in his room taking a nap. He always fusses for a little while during this time but nothing really major NORMALLY! W was watching Dumbo with little interest and I was reading something off the Internet when J started screaming. I rushed to the door, which he happened to be at?!? He brings me over to the crib which he successfully shook so hard that he undid a screw on the front and that part completely came apart from the side of the crib, it was just hanging on the other half. He managed to slide right in between that and the side and escape. I found all the springs and screw, then managed to put the crib back together. He is going to break the darn thing pretty soon. Maybe its time to look for a Big Boy Bed! With a new baby on the way, maybe a bunk bed would do the trick!

I'm so glad when at least one of the kids wakes up happy in the morning. We usually start the morning between 7 or 7:30 depending on how tired I am then get everyone up and running around before we walk K to school. J seemed to be in rather high spirits today!
With only one girl to dress up and do her hair I love to be creative with it! She doesn't enjoy it as much as I do, she'd rather have the new style with hair in your face and all that some of the others have.
This is the latest do. I saw it on my friend B's website of her little girl! Isn't it just cute.
These are my little trouble makers lately! W has decided that clothes are optional and T doesn't like mornings so walking is quite a battle sometimes. I tell him I need it for the baby! He gets to ride his scooter so he's not being tortured just a little lazy!


EgbertFamily said...

Wow! Yours lasted through four? Rylee had ours shaken apart by the time she was a year old. Ryan and his dad have had to fill and redrill holes for screw a couple times now. I hope yours is in better shape than ours though, how do you feel? Oh and when was it again that we need to come visit next May?

Jessica&Colby said...

her hair is sooo cute!!! i loved having my hair simliar to that when i was little.

The Trefry Family said...

Love the hair....that looks like fun...wish I had a girl's hair to do. I'm glad we're not the only ones that have difficult mornings! My two year old has also recently decided that clothes are optional!