Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Warning - by Shel Silverstein

Inside everybody’s nose
There lives a sharp-toothed snail.
So if you stick your finger in,
He may bite off your nail.
Stick it farther up inside,
And he may bite your ring off.
Stick it all the way, and he
May bite the whole darn thing off.

Shel Silverstein
Where the Sidewalk Ends

I just thought T needed a little reminder as to why picking your nose is such a seriously bad thing to do. He seems convinced!!! He has already been telling W to watch out for the snail up his nose or he might loose his finger. Kids are so funny! Hopefully, I won't be reminding him about the snail for the rest of the night.


Niel & Brittany Lund Family said...

Congratulations on your pregnancy. How exciting! I bet you're tired. I am just thinking about it. I really can't imagine more than 3 right now. I hope you're feeling well. Good luck!

W and S said...

HA HA! I love it!