Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Glorious Stitches...

Last night when Taylor was coming inside to get ready for bed he missed the first step and slammed his face into our cements steps on the back porch. I saw blood in his mouth and asked him if he bit his tongue. He said, "no mom, my chin!" I looked down at his chin which was completely open with flesh hanging out where it usually is all nice and closed up. We got him to the sink and put a cold rag on his chin. He laid down on the couch while I called his dad to meet us at the emergency room. I piled all the kids in the car and met Zack at the hospital. My mom also met us and took the other kids home to put them to bed. THANKS A MILLION!!!

Being cheap as I am I decided to see if they would stitch him up at Insta Care which is in the same parking lot and save Taylor a long wait! Last time I went to the ER, we waited for what seemed like forever, filled out lots of pages of paperwork, were seen by the doctor who told us there wasn't really anything they could do (it would heal itself) and then they charged me $250. I think if you can go to Insta Care, it is a much better option for these types of problems. When we finally got into the doctor, he looked at it and told us how common it is for boys to bang up their chins. He proceeded to put a little more numbing jell on it and then stitched it up. My poor baby did great and even laughed along with the doctor at the right times. Taylor now has 6 count them 6 stitches in his chin! He was spoiled with a coupon for a free ice cream at Arctic Circle for being such a good patient. We drove to Arctic Circle on the way home and got him the ice cream cone. He is such a trooper!!!

Don't mind the ice cream running down his face!

6 big old stitches!!!

He is proud of his little "whiskers"!

We will have them removed in about 1 week and then it will be taped so it will heal properly. The doctor said because of the location of the wound if we don't have his stitches removed then it will leave a huge scar.


W and S said...

Poor kid! Taylor is so tough!
We have thus far (knock on wood) been fortunate enough to not have to go to the emergency room for anything. It does not sound fun at all!

Goldie said...

Ouchie Taylor! Those are some pretty manly stitches. Alisha, I think it's crazy you were debating price and time and all that with Taylor's gashed up. I don't think very well in emergency situations, so good job!