Thursday, October 2, 2008

Removing ink out of fabric

One of our little guys decided that using crayon on the couch was not enough, his next step was an ink pen. Needless to say I was not in the room with him but trying to prepare his daily nourishment in the kitchen. Doesn't he understand that when I am doing what I am suppose to he is suppose to do what he is suppose to?!? Yeah, right!!! I looked on the Internet for a few helpful sights regarding removing ink and I found the cure all!!!

1. Wet the area and let completely dry (mine was already dry so I didn't re-wet.)
2. Place a dry paper towel on bottom of surface (Fortunately, it was the cushion so that wasn't too much trouble)
3. Spray area with hair spray and blot with another paper towel, squeeze the paper towels together (I did little areas at a time to see if it was working and not let the hair spray dry out)
4. Soak in warm water (this was a little harder due to taking a couch cushion cover off)
5. Wash and dry (looks like the little rascal never even got to it in the first place!)

This worked very well for me!!! The boys did manage to pull out some batting while I was washing the cover but I put it in place and it was on the bottom anyway. TROUBLE!!! I just thought I would share because we have all probably tossed out things due to ink stains before and I was going to have to buy a new cushion cover if I couldn't solve this dilemma so I saved myself some money with a little bit of elbow grease!!!


Tawna said...

That is awesome...thanks for the tips!

Bad news...Derek's g-pa isn't doing so well and we cancelled our trip to St. George this weekend. We are bummed, but we will have to catch up with you guys another time!!

W and S said...

Isn't the internet a fabulous thing! I am glad you were able to get the pen out! I will have to write this one down (and file it with the crayon remover one:)