Sunday, November 16, 2008

Life is too short

Tucker Thayer was a member of our ward in Bloomington Hills. He died tragically on Saturday night from head injuries after a blank-shooting pistol went off. He was only 15 years old, this is such a sad event for the Thayer family. Our heart felt prayers are for them and their loss. I hope that everything is settled for this family shortly.

Here is the news story from Channel 2 news:

15-year-old Washington County high school sophomore Tucker Thayer died Saturday after a blank-shooting pistol used for a play fired.

Thayer's father, Ronald, says police told him four other students were inside the room when the gun went off. The other students had their backs turned to Tucker then turned around when they heard the shot. They found Tucker on the floor.

Ronald Thayer said he did not know the production used an actual gun and would have told the school to remove the gun had he known.

Authorities say the Desert Hills student died from head injuries. The pistol was found in the students hands shortly before the play "Oklahoma!" was scheduled to begin. The final night of the play was cancelled.

St. George Police Captain Bruce Graham says there were no bullets in the gun, but the gas in it has the same energy that a bullet does.
The boy was taken to Dixie Regional Medical Center, but died later that night as hospital officials were preparing to airlift him to a Las Vegas hospital.

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Niel and Brittany Lund Family said...

That is just horrible. We'll remember his family in our prayers.