Sunday, January 18, 2009

Potty Training Bliss?!?

This past week Joshua kept telling us he wanted to be BIG and go on the potty. Yeah right! I am 8 months pregnant and not interested in the idea right now at all. Well, our little William decided to take this upon himself. He got up in the morning with Joshua and took all his clothes off including the diaper, then he helped him get up on the potty!!! After Joshua went pee they would run through the house singing, "happy river Joshy, happy river Joshy." When William would go potty they would sing the same song but changed it to William. Taylor and I just laughed at their silly behavior! Before naptime William and Joshua took turns pooping in the potty and then gave each other fives!!! Joshua went down for a nap with a diaper on, thanks to my coaxing but as soon he was awake the diaper came off and William was on potty duty again. Surprisingly Joshua stayed dry all day long! Too good to be true, it isn't (shocking maybe but still true). It has only lasted for that day and a few more times when he wants to be nakey but I am fine with the diapers until this baby comes out. I definitely do not have the drive for potty training right now but if William is interested he's hired!


Tim & Steph Somerville said...

That is so cute! Little william is so cute to help!

Bethany said...

If only my two year old would sit on the potty. He is bound and determined to stand but is to short. Oh the joy of potty training

Niel and Brittany Lund Family said...

Can you send William up to our place for a few days?!?