Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Random Week & Pictures

My kids all seem to be hams but that is probably my own fault. We have owned a digital camera for years and I cannot seem to take enough pictures of the right moments. I love being able to click the picture and instantly see what it looks like. No more paying for 24 pictures to find out that the whole roll was exposed and is all black, missing moments that you cannot get back but would love to have on your wall. As soon as the picture is taken these little munchkins want to see it. Remember when your parents would take you on a trip taking pictures all over the place and then you never saw those pictures again. Many people had drawers full of rolls of film that never were developed, now days if you don't have them developed you can at least see them on your computer, add them to your blog. I love that aspect of technology!

Here is Joshua being one of the lucky ones to lick the beater! Zack had the other one. You can see Katelyn in the background using a spatula to get all those leftovers, let's just say brownies go fast around here!

William's trivial stage

It is a hard place to be - too young to play at your friends house and "too old" to take a nap. That is where William was Monday afternoon. Since all the rest of the kids where off doing their thing he had both Dad and Mom to himself. He got all the attention he wanted! Zack put him up in the tree which he loved but was also too scared to move. These are his creative faces!

Licking an imaginary ice cream cone, you wouldn't think it was still January!

Goofy KID!!!


Creative Bug

I have seen some very cute Valentine's decorations lately on many blogs and thought I should try them out. See what I could come up with. Here is my latest attempt! I am rather pleased with it. Being a little festive keeps the spirits alive!

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I love it. It looks so cute.