Monday, March 2, 2009

Matthew's 1st Week @ Home

Well life has definitely changed with five kids at home. We took Matthew home from the hospital on Monday afternoon. The kids were thrilled to say the least. My mom and sister came over during the week and helped out so that I could get some recovery time and rest. They were definitely life savers! He is a great baby and a wonderful addition to our family. His cry is so quiet you can barely hear him unless he gets cold then he lets you know how ticked he is.

As far as the others kids are concerned: Katelyn is adjusting to mom adjusting which she really doesn't appreciate but in a few weeks she'll have her life back to normal so that will be make her happy. I think she needs a little one on one time so that will be one of the things I'll focus on this week. Katelyn has never been big on change and having lots of people running the house was frustrating to her. She seemed to drive her Aunt Kelsey crazy with her demands that it be run my way. I didn't realize I had a certain way but Katelyn definitely knows how we run things. Sorry to Kelsey for my daughters demands, she's having a little challenge in her life right now!

Taylor had a crazy week from school with no school on Monday and Tuesday and then early out for the rest of the week. He really loves going to school so being rushed through it wasn't his favorite but he is glad his schedule will be back to normal this week. He has been dealing with Katelyn's orneriness and wants a little break from the craziness himself. Taylor adores Matthew but doesn't like how much he sleeps or that mom is so busy taking care of the baby.

William seems to struggle the most being completely aware of all the changes going on, he is not much for change and was very clingy with his dad this week. He doesn't want me to help him with anything. Which was very much like Katelyn when he was born. Of course three years old is a rather challenging age anyway and then add some major changes it gets a little chaotic.

Joshua on the other hand was thrilled by it all! He seemed to walk around with a permanent grin! He loves his baby and just pats him on the head or gives him kisses whenever he sees him. He is a sweetheart and taking some of the stress off of me. I know that in about a weeks time the kids will be fine and life will become much more normal, it is just the initial changes that make things frustrating at first and once I've recovered from this birth life can be much better!

Zack made the sign with Katelyn and Taylor's help.

We took all the kids to sacrament meeting on Sunday which was quite an experience to say the least. Katelyn stayed for the rest of the meetings with her dad and I took all the boys home and we all took a break/nap.

The kids got a little "creative" during the week!


QB's said...

He's so sweet Alisha. Sorry the change is having such a big effect on your older three - when kids get off schedule it makes it so tough! You have such a great positive attitude! You are SUPER MOM!!!

Lady of Perpetual Chaos said...

Wow! Adding a new baby is a rough adjustment, but it sounds like you guys are doing great. I hope you're feeling back to your old self soon and can run the home the way it should be done! ;o)

Niel and Brittany Lund Family said...

Great photos. Such a cute family. Hopefully everyone will get used to your "new" life as a parents of 5!