Monday, March 23, 2009

Matthew's first trip!

After all Zack's hard work on the yard we decided to take a short trip up to Salt Lake to show off the baby. We went and saw my little sister Stephanie and her hubby (she's due to have her first baby in 2 weeks), Jennifer & her family, Zack's Grandma Benson, Aunt Carolin, Aunt Rachel, Uncle Jon, some cousins, his little brothers - Charles, his wife Erica, Jed & finally met his fiance Aubrey. We apologize to all those that we didn't visit with, we will be making another trip this summer and plan on visiting more of you!

Jennifer lives in Lehi now and took us all over to Cabella's Sporting Goods which is only a few blocks from her house. The kids enjoyed the aquarium, animal exhibits and shooting range. Something to note: the greeters give you free tokens for the kids to go shooting! I am always up for a free activity!

We got home about 1am Sunday morning. Our kids are usually really good travelling at night but this time they were not. Our usual 4.5 hour trip ended up being more like 6 hours! YUCK!!! Even though the kids slept in they were little zombies all Sunday! Taylor refused to give his talk in church and was quite a handful during sacrament meeting!!! We went over to Grandma Belt's home to give her a birthday card and visit but the kids just sat around the whole time so we left and put them all to bed.

I took the kids to Matthew's 1 month checkup this morning. He is 9 lbs 6 oz and 22 3/4" long, a tall skinny boy!!!

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Tim & Steph Somerville said...

That picture of mathew in the little hat is so adorable! He is just the cutest one ever!!!