Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy Saint Patty's Day

To celebrate the holiday right we all dressed up in green. It seems Joshua was out of green besides some decorations on his diaper which totally counts! No one was allowed to pinch him. I dyed the milk green with food coloring, which got very mixed reviews from the children. They commented anytime they drank it throughout the day! For dinner we ate green eggs and ham. What a way to make it feel all festive! William refused to eat them. "I don't like green eggs and ham!" said he. They tasted good even if they didn't look as good.

Matthew is 3 weeks old! Another week with our sweet little guy, Matthew! He is starting to focus a little more everyday. He loves to be kissed and eagerly reaches for more. The boys are starting to adjust a little better to our new arrangement and it really helps that mom is feeling much better. I am not 100% yet but we are getting there.

I have decided that part of having a larger family is to learn to play it by ear, roll with the punches or just let life happen, rather than try to force it, we all seem to get along better and the kids are much easier going when I am. Don't get me wrong there is still plenty of structure but I pick my battles, play a little more and take the time to just hold them close. I know I am completely outnumbered but I am raising some very good children who are learning along with me. Zack is a major support which makes life so much easier! I don't know what I would do without him.

This week was rather uneventful as weeks go for the most part. Matthew went in for his 2 week checkup with Dr. Twiggs. He is in the 90% for height and pretty average for his weight. Basically a tall skinny kid. I plan on fattening him up as much as I can! The boys did not appreciate the PKU testing, William was rather flustered that they were hurting his brother. He did appreciate the nice "lellow" band aid the nurse put on Matthew after she was done and "she said sorry!" We started taking Katelyn to school in the mornings again, a wonderful sister in the ward volunteered to for the past couple weeks which was a major life savor! Thanks so much! Getting everyone out the door was challenging but only Katelyn has to be dressed for school, so the rest of us are fine in pj's if that is all time allows! Taylor gets carpooled with some other sisters from the ward in the afternoons which is wonderful. Thanks guys.

This week is Spring Break which started out with an all TOO SHORT visit from Brittany and her family Friday night, due to little Howard having a cold. She did not want our little guy to catch anything so they made the visit short and sweet. When they were leaving William said we should go to their house in the morning to play. Unfortunately they live far away but we definitely have to get all the little guys together! Our kids had a blast playing together. Thanks for stopping by. We always appreciate visitors. Just let me know.

Saturday we mostly spent outdoors working on the yard, mainly Zack working while the rest of us played or relaxed in the shade. Our wonderful priest quorum came by this morning and helped Zack lay all the sod for our backyard so now we have grass YEAH!!! They were all a wonderful help, they laid 2200 sq ft of sod in 1.5 hours. It would have taken Zack at least one full day if not more. We always welcome a service project like that! Thanks guys!!!

I think this week I have realized how important gratitude is. We have been blessed in abundance with good kind people whom we associate, a healthy loving family, great jobs, a nice home, the gospel of Jesus Christ, a very loving Heavenly Father who knows us personally and many other things. I am truly blessed.


Colby and Jessica said...

i love the green eggs and ham when i was helping in a kindergarden class we used to do that after we read the book so many kids had a fuss and said they were so wierd tasting its silly haha

Niel and Brittany Lund Family said...

What a sweet post. The yard looks AWESOME! How great. Thanks for letting us visit, even with our germs. It was so fun to see you all and hold little Matthew for a few minutes. It was too short, but we loved it down there so much I think we'll be coming again before you know it! And of course you guys are always welcome here anytime!

EgbertFamily said...

Can't wait to see you all and your new grass,(and baby and house!)

Emily said...

I think you are an amazing Mom. You always seem so calm and put together!

Hooray for the sod. It's like an instant backyard!! Where did you get your play ground?

In answer to your bedding question on my blog...the girls bedding I just happened to find on clearance at Wally World!!

Goldie said...

How fun to have grass now! It looks great!