Friday, April 10, 2009

Matthew is 6 weeks old!

Our little Matthew has reached the ripe old age of 6 weeks! He is growing like a weed and such an easy going little man. He loves to be around everyone else and seems to sleep better with noises. He smiles and coos at all of us which makes everyone happy! Matthew has many funny little expressions that he shares throughout the day.

The Alvey family has been fairly busy since Matthew arrived but more so lately! Soccer has been a blast and really got the kids out running and playing. We have attended 6 games just since last Friday! We planted 3 trees this last Saturday and plan on another before the end of the month. Katelyn will be getting baptized on the 2nd of May and we are expecting visitors for that so I am trying to get all the little things taken care of before their arrival.

Our garden is turning out nicely, the raised beds are all coming together. Now if I could keep William and Joshua out of them, we may have a successful year of harvest. Brandon and Goldie stayed in Saint George during Conference weekend which was nice. We all were uplifted and enjoyed spending time with family. We also enjoyed playing spin uno, it was very entertaining during the break. We sure liked having Zack around all weekend, no bishopric meetings. He did keep his headphones on during most of conference to keep himself from being distracted by the chatter and children. I don't think that is really fair as I am usually the one sitting with the kids anyway but at least one of us could tell you what the speakers all said. Like our bishop at the University of Utah said, "You need to have a strong testimony before you have children!"

We have been battling colds in our household this week. Even Matthew got a cold. Taylor has been the worst but he usually struggles with allergies at this time of year anyway. He was complaining about his ear hurting a couple days ago and so Zack took him into the doctors while I tended to the other children. The doctor discovered that Taylor has an ear infection in both ears besides a bad cold! He was keeping the fact that his ears were hurting from me because he didn't want to miss out on all the things going on around here. Yesterday he went on an Easter Egg hunt for his class and today his kindergarten class is going to Staheli farms. Then he is off to a birthday party for his friend in our ward this afternoon.

Katelyn performed in her school play yesterday as a flower and was very cute! She did a wonderful job and remembered her part without even so much as a pause! We are very proud. Zack went to her dress rehearsal and I went to the performance for the parents so we both had the pleasure of seeing her perform. I really enjoy being a mother and wife. There are so many blessing to it!

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