Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Enjoying the little things in life

I was telling the Katelyn how expressive little Matthew is with his eyebrows and so she got my eyebrow pencil so I could draw on his eyebrows. We just got a little carried away after that!

We took the kids over to the Hidden Valley Park to play and they loved it!

Katelyn woke up early Sunday morning puking so we spent the day much more low-key than usual. I kept the little boys and Katelyn home while Zack and Taylor were able to attend church. I decided to dress the boys in their church clothes in hopes that they wouldn't play so rough; it seemed to work. Matthew has become so expressive in the past few months!


Shenille said...

My goodness, you have been busy! What fun! And Matthew looks pretty darn handsome with a mustache:)

Julie said...

If you need to pass Matthew off to anyone and have no one ask any questions just send him to Shen. :D