Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Summertime bliss!

Our summertime as been very enjoyable and busy! We have had sleepovers, playtime, swimming, movies, visitors and lots of Otter Pops to stay cool. We had lots of family for Katelyn's baptism and then we have had visitors almost constantly ever since. My Uncle Mike, Aunt Terry, cousin Karen and her husband Spencer came the week after Katelyn's baptism. Memorial Day weekend my Uncle Richard came down with my cousin Mike, his wife Jen, their little ones Adeline and Cameron, my cousin Kara, her husband Bryan, and their kids Emily and Andrew and a special friend. Tim, Stephanie and baby Jaerick moved back to Saint George, then Jennifer came down with her kids to stay for the summer. This week my Uncle Jon and Aunt Rosa came down for a visit too. Brandon and Goldie have stopped by a few times too.

All these things have kept us busy, busy, busy! We are thrilled that we have been able to visit with so much family in the past month. I guess if I wasn't so busy visiting I would have remembered to take more pictures.

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