Monday, June 22, 2009

Our Father's Day Weekend

Our Father's Day weekend was very eventful with camping, playing, a BBQ, homemade cards and of course a new tie. Friday night we took the kids up into Veyo to a small reservoir and camped. There was no flushing toilets and the wind blew all night long so I think we really roughed it! I am not much of a camper and was completely out of my comfort zone but the kids had a blast. Katelyn, Matthew and I participated in an Activity Days Recognition night for most of Saturday night while Zack stayed home with the other boys and had a BBQ. We played games afterwards which is one of Zack's all time favorite activities. Sunday morning while Zack was busy at church meetings the kids made him some very nice cards. Joshua and William got busy placing stickers on their cards. William wanted to know what things Daddy really likes so he would like his card. Katelyn and Taylor got more into the other craft things and drew pictures for him. He almost spoiled the surprise getting home early but was a good sport and stayed in the front room while we finished. He really enjoyed all the attention from the kids. I thought the tie was the best though, a true University of Utah fan tie which he proudly to displayed for the rest of the day. After church we had a spaghetti dinner (Zack's personal favorite) and then headed over to my parents' house for dessert. Jennifer went crazy with all sorts of desserts to try out: strawberry shortcake, pineapple upside down cake, s'mores, cookies and jello cake with whipped topping. We all went home with tummy aches!

Zack is a great dad and provider for his family. He is amazing with the kids and loves them each so much. He is so patient and kind with them. They truly love him and I love his gentleness, he can wrestle with the boys, cuddle with the baby and play make believe with Katie all day long. I made a great choice in a daddy for my kids! I love him so much!

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