Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Hair Post: My first hair post

I have always loved looking at hair blogs! The little girls hair are done up so cute. These moms spend a long time making their little girls look so lovely. I thought I would share some throughout my blog for fun. I am far from a professional but still love making my little girl look lovely too. Here is one of my favorite hairstyles for Katelyn. It is fairly simple but looks great and with all her hair it works out very well.

  1. I first parted her hair on the side and then separated out some for a hairband. Next put the remaining hair in a ponytail.
  2. Smooth out the hair for the hairband and join at the back of her hair with an elastic. The remaining hair is tied into the main ponytail.
  3. Seperate the hair in the ponytail into 3 equal sections. Take the first and split in two. Twist both and then twist them together the opposite direction.
  4. Finish off with an elastic and then work the other two the same way. Finish off the look with a cute bow or flower.

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spaceyhawks said...

so cute alisha! way to go!!!!