Sunday, July 19, 2009

Baby's New Toy

My sisters and I went to garage sales early Saturday morning. They seemed to be focused on baby items and with Stephanie and me trailing little guys around we found some great items! It was fun to see all the deals! I've been looking for a Bumbo for a little while, a friend of mine had one she used for her baby Hudson when Joshua was about Matthew's age. I thought it would be fun but they are $40 just for the seat so I couldn't really justify the cost. Yesterday we found this one at a yard sale with the tray another $10 value for $25! Cameron was kind enough to talk them down to $20! It took Stephanie a little time coaxing me to get it but I am glad I did. Maybe I'm a little cheap for my own good! Matthew enjoys being up with everyone else and sitting up in his new chair. This should help his back muscles develop and soon he'll be sitting up without support. An added bonus would be that the little kiddos cannot reach him up on the counter! With Joshua, William and Hailey always smothering the poor guy he needs an escape.

I also got a large bag of baby clothes for $5 from another yard sale. Since most of the baby clothes I have went through three other boys, it is nice to get him some different clothes once in awhile. He has plenty of clothes but this guy is a little bigger than Joshua was and the other two were born in a different season so I needed a few more summer items or at least that is how I justified it. He wore his new Sunday outfit today and looks adorable as usual! Hey I am a little partial to the guy.


EgbertFamily said...

I am so jealous, (even though all my kids can sit on their own) and I never knew they made trays for those!!! Can't wait to see you guys!

Brittany said...

He's so adorable! I've kind of been wanting one of those too...but seriously $40! That was what stopped me too. Great find!