Thursday, July 23, 2009

Babysitting Job

Tim and Stephanie received tickets to the Lady Antebellum concert that was last night. They left Jaerick with us. Immediately after he was dropped off Joshua came to see him. Joshua leaned over his carseat and said "Did your parents leave you?" Poor kid is gonna have issues if Joshua keeps this up!

Self Inflicted Injury

The kids were downstairs watching a movie during quiet time. I heard a horrible wailing sound from downstairs so I went to check it out. William is grasping the side of his face and crying in pain. When he fiinally settled down he explained that he smacked himself in the face with the flashlight! Ouch that's gotta hurt!


I've been using facebook for awhile now rather than the ever popular myspace. Sending messages to friends and family that I don't regularly see which is great! Just yesterday I was talking with my cousin Kayla whom I've not seen since my Grandpa Tom's funeral 7+ years ago. I just met up with Christine who I hung out with pretty regularly after Zack and I first were married but lost contact after we moved away from each other. She has a two year old little boy that I may have never learn about but now can get to know through Facebook. I've also been able to keep in contact with friends from my home state of Washington. I found my friend Angela who lived across the street from me when I was barely old enough to ride a tricycle! For these reasons I love Facebook!

For every good thing there is a negative. The fake friendships with people you may not even know or been real friends with. The constant complaining some do on their own pages tends to drive me insane. I usually take them off my news feed and then bipass that isssue though. Tacky behavior is rather prevelant when their are little rules or control. My friend Sari received a wedding invitation from a girl she barely talked to in high school, don't worry the same thing happened to me! It was sent on like spam mail through all contacts on facebook. Unless these people are looking for an outpouring of congratulations or presents it seems a little over the top. Social sites like this are sure to have some flaws. Another complaint I have is that once in awhile I click on someone's page and at least 20 pages come up at once stalling/freezing my computer. Maybe this doesn't happen to everyone, I do have a rather old computer, but it drives me crazy. Sorry I am having a venting moment!

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Lady of Perpetual Chaos said...

I think the Facebook wedding invites is just a way to get a bunch of presents. And be really tacky. ;o)