Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy Independence Day Weekend!

We decided to visit Brandon and Goldie in Henderson for the Independence Day weekend, Cameron, Jennifer and kids came too! We arrived late Friday night and played games until after midnight. Battling the kids for bed was our biggest struggle. There are ten kids combined amongst the three families so it was a little crazy.

We got up really early Saturday morning to make it in time for the Boulder City parade. Jennifer was a little confused about the time change between Utah (Mountain Time Zone) and Nevada (Pacific Time Zone) so she was up at 5:45am thinking that they were ahead instead of behind which woke most everyone up. When it was finally time to go we loaded up in the cars to Boulder City. Jennifer's stomach really started bothering her so Cameron stayed behind with her. The parade was fun but very hot, at the end of the parade they have a huge water fight including the floats! It was fun but if you're in Boulder City for the parade bring a lot of water and squirt guns!!! The people on our right had water balloons and those on our left had a garbage can filled with melted ice and about twelve super soakers! The kids thought it was great. Cameron took Jennifer to the ER while we were out and they found that her gallbladder is infected and will need to be removed, they got her heavily drugged and let her go home but told her to call a doctor here in St George to have it removed in two weeks. She has to be on a very strict diet until then. What a fun trip to make on the fourth!!!

Later on we headed out to watch fireworks but stopped on the sidewalk to enjoy the neighbors fireworks first. Taylor ended up missing all the fireworks because he fell asleep on the way there and refused to get up. We headed back home this morning and made it just in time for the opening prayer for sacrament meeting! We are glad we made the trip to Henderson and got to see Brandon and Goldie before they welcome a new little one to the family in the next couple weeks. We are very excited for them! I love this country and all the rights and privileges that come from being a citizen. God has blessed us with so much!

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