Wednesday, June 24, 2009

8 is great....but 13 is a little much!

The past couple weeks I have been watching Jennifer's kids during the day while she works over at my dad's law office. Suprisingly things seem to go smoother when I have eight little ones running around than my original five. It may be that I don't get to sneak off and play on the computer or talk on the phone and most everyone has a little playmate but I seem to keep very busy and accomplish a lot with this crowd. Eight is a huge amount of work and someone is always getting into something but the kids all play together in their different age groups which is nice. I really have enjoyed having Jennifer's kids around during the day.

Several months ago, I was over at my mom's house when she told my sister-in-law that it is easier to raise five kids than one. I definitely disagree with this thought process! My mom is in the process of raising her sixth child so I don't think she really meant life is harder with one but that one is harder to focus on instead of focusing on yourself and having many more doesn't really give you that option. Plus with more children the little things don't get to you so easily. I am always surprised to hear how "hard" raising one or two kids is. I thought life was easy then and still think it isn't nearly as difficult as people say it is. I have definitely learned to ignore the small things that really don't matter and focus on making life enjoyable. Like my Grandpa says "these are the best years (no matter where you are)!"

A couple days ago I took Matthew to the doctor's office for his checkup while Stephanie watched the kids. When I got back we had my five, her baby and another little visitor over to play, by the end of the day we had a total of 14 kids(13 all here at the same time!!!) That was insanity for me! I am amazed by the women who regularly tend so many children or have that many of their own. You have to be so organized just to make it through the day. I would have to say that my kids were so bummed when the friends and cousins left, five wasn't enough for them.

Sibling Rivalry

William: "Joshy said I'm stupid!"
Joshua: "No, I said he was the dumbest!"

I am so glad that my two year old has such a thorough way of expressing himself. Now we need to work on manners!

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Trisha said...

I just have to tell you what a great Mom I think that are. You are always making awesome things like bread for instance. Can I tell you how many times I have tried to make bread? 0 that's how many. You take such great care of your family, I love it! Katelyn's hair is always so cute. What a cute family you guys have.

You know I think after you have four kids, it doesn't really matter how many more you have. Going from 1-2 was way harder for me than going from 2-4. Just my two cents.

Have a great night!