Sunday, August 2, 2009

Activity Days: CTR Hemp Bracelets

Ideas found at A short lesson to teach them to learn to sing the Hymn, Choose the Right, understand the importance of choosing the right, and making a ctr bracelet to constantly remind them to do so.

Activity Description:
We followed the "Living and Learning the Gospel" suggestion to learn how to sing the hymn "Choose the Right" by playing a game. The game was played similar to musical chairs or hot potato, only the "potato" was a chewy candy wrapped in several layers that had the lines written on them. (Note: Make sure the lines are rather simple using only one line of the song at a time) When the music played, the potato was passed around. When the music stopped, the person left holding it had to recite or sing all parts that had been unwrapped until then. The winner was the person who was able to recite/sing the entire song without help. The chewy candy was to remind them to "Chews the Right."Next we played a "Sink or Swim" lesson found in an LDS Family Home Evening book that consisted of choices or situations they could face and whether they would sink or swim depending on the choice they made. Afterward, we braided hemp bracelets and weaved alphabet beads into them that spelled CTR. The girls had fun learning how to braid hemp bracelets for one, but also, knowing they made their own CTR bracelet and knowing the significance of it was fun for them. We used the Klutz book Hemp Bracelets for guidance, it is a wonderful book with thorough instructions! The girls were excited to know they could do this at home.

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Thompson Family said...

Super Cute! What a great Idea! I'm stealing this for my scouts!!! Thanks for sharing!