Monday, August 10, 2009

Camping trip

My dad was looking for a way to include everyone on our family outings or at least trying to start having more outings and invited everyone to come camping the weekend before school starts back up. He purchased a 26-ft rv from craigslist to make sure there were all the modern conveniences and luxuries you may not usually have on a camping trip: a/c, toilets, microwave, regular mattress, four-wheelers, tv and dvd player (the important stuff right?)

We headed up to Pine Valley but it was packed, then off to Enterprise we went. It was a little ways away from the rest of the world but very nice and kept us busy with many activities. We ended up still being in the Dixie National Forest which is more like Dixie National Sage Brush but that is because here they haven't been around real trees. The camping aspect of things was a bit of a challenge since the tempature dropped a good 20 degrees during the night. Zack and I both slept with a baby to keep them warm. Poor Katelyn was sleeping in her little Hannah Montana sleeping bag that is good for sleepovers and that is about it. It was a good thing I brought an extra blanket just incase. I had her get into our sleeping bags too when I noticed her poor teeth chattering away.

We all woke up early and were able to enjoy the rest of the campout. We played games, hiked the honeycomb rocks, went through caves, took the 4 wheelers up through the mountains, went swimming, roasted hot dogs and even got a game of spades in.

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