Friday, October 16, 2009

Crafts: Place Mat Pillows

Since it's Fall I've been having fun decorating a little here and there at home. Here's my shelf all decked out for the season:

I found this great idea to add a little decor to my home. The pillows I had in my front room matched my couch exactly, I wanted something that would compliment the room. I found these place mats at Kohls for $2.80 a piece, a great deal when you think about the price of a pillow.

Here's how to make your own: take a place mat and open up about 5" on one end. Stuff the pillow with regular padding for a pillow, I used some leftovers from another project, and then stitch it back up after it is as stiff as you like. It is very simple and takes just a trip to the store and about 20 minutes to make 4 pillows. They turned out really cute!


Keith and Laura said...

So cute! I have been wanting to make some pillows for my couch. This is such a good, and easy idea. Your house looks so cute for the season. I also love the pumpkin topiary.

Thompson Family said...

What a great Idea! I always find the cutest place matts but I can't use them with daycare! I love the idea of turning them into pillows!!!