Thursday, October 22, 2009

Our little man is 8 months old today!

Sweet baby Matthew is already 8 months old. He has grown up so much! He is an absolute doll and loves cuddling. Matthew is scooting in circles and up on all fours. We'll need to put up a gate for the stairs pretty soon. He melts your heart every time someone comes to visit with his sweet smile! He is a joy to our family. He loves everyone and especially his Mama. I cannot seem to do much of anything unless I have the little guy with me. I think I've mastered vacuuming, sweeping, eating and anything else I need to do while carrying him around.

He is so in love with his Daddy. When Zack walks through the door he will squeal and keep complete focus on Zack until he pays attention to him and then demands to be held. Katelyn is his favorite for sure! He loves to play with her and especially swing outside with her. She takes him everywhere she goes when she's home. He even puts up with her dressing him up. Taylor always makes sure to hug his little brother and talks to him about what he has done that day. Matthew grins from ear to ear the whole time. William and Joshua love him a little too much but he seems to know how to hold his own. He sure can squeal when he needs them to let up on the loves! He loves their attention though, if they leave the room he cries for them.

Matthew is very into trying new foods and wants whatever you are eating. He seems to enjoy all kinds of new things and doesn't hesitate to try something. He really has started to get into playing with toys and enjoys grabbing things out of his little bucket. The little man is so much fun to be around! We sure do love him!

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Shenille said...

I just love that kid's smile!