Saturday, October 3, 2009

We got ourselves a serious teether

Our little man is growing teeth like weeds! At only 7 months he already has four teeth. His two little front teeth finally made their way through his gums yesterday. He's been rather miserable for the past week with these little teeth pushing their way through. We decided to try a little watermelon to relieve some of that frustration. He loved it! Cameron's brother in law, Dave is a local area farmer who sells to the grocery stores here in town. He is always giving Cameron and Jennifer some extra produce which they share with us. They gave us a huge watermelon and it was some of the sweetest and juiciest watermelon I've had! The boys were showing off the watermelon juices dripping down their bellies aren't they cute!

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deetaegcharlie said...

Smart to go shirtless with watermelon!! My boys go shirtless when they wrestle (would much rather them eating watermelon!!) Matthew is just growing all over like crazy!Spencer still has no teeth, not sitting up, but he is the happiest little guy!