Thursday, November 5, 2009

Katelyn's Veteran's Day Program

The whole third grade at Katelyn's school put on a Veteran's Day program in honor of all the men and women who have valiantly served our great nation. Family and friends were invited to attend. They handed out these cute invitations that the kids had made and decorated. My grandpa Belt, my mom, Stephanie, Jaerick, TJ, Matthew and I were all there to root Katie on. The program went rather smoothly as each child did great on their parts and sang their little hearts out! Katelyn did a great job! During a part of the presentation they sang the military songs and had members of the audience stand if they had served in that area of the armed forces. I loved watching my grandfather stand up when the navy song was sung. He's such a wonderful man and has done so much for his family even in preserving our freedoms. He is a WWII veteran. I remember after getting to know Zack better I thought his personality reminded me of my grandfather and so I knew he was a good man to marry. Just a little side note.

After the presentation Katelyn showed us all the pieces of art work she decorated around the gym. I am always impressed by how much effort this little miss puts into the things she is given. She sure is a hard worker! Lately she has been asked to do many new things and just blows me away by how well she does and the effort she puts into it.

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