Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Preschool: Letter C

Today was my turn for preschool. A few of the ladies in the neighborhood have started doing preschool/a play date. We aren't too structured but the kids love it! There are a total of five kids so it is pretty easy. I was responsible for the letter C. This is what we did: I drew a C on construction paper for each child, traced it in glue and then the kids put cotton balls on the C, I read them the story of the Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle, we counted all the food the caterpillar ate and then made caterpillars out of an egg carton for the body, google eyes, a fuzzy ball for the nose and pipe cleaners for the legs. I have to admit that I have never realized it was a caterpillar not a catepillar! We went outside and raced little matchbox cars on the back porch (the boys really loved that!) and played Crocodile Can't get me: where one child is it and the rest have to try to get across the lawn before the crocodile gets them. I let each of them have a chance being it which was a life saver! Then we had a "snack", they ate a twix bar cause chocolate starts with C. We then played pin the nose on the clown which everyone wanted to do twice. I had lots more ideas but not enough time. I will do more preschool on Thursday but will focus on the number 3. It should be fun and I have plenty more ideas to work on for the next time.

Anyone that is interested in preschool websites for activities for their kids, here's a list:

Let me know if you have any good websites in addition, I always want more ideas! Thanks.


Brittany said...

How fun! I'm doing the same things with some moms here. It's fun. Another website I like is first-school preschool. I don't remember the exact address...but just type that in with a search. There are TONS of fun things to print. I'll have to check out some of these ones too. I use everythingpreschool.com a lot and dltk, but haven't tried the others. Thanks for posting!

samlyndseyfalkner said...

Cute ideas!!! We did that last year for Kierra. She told me she wanted to take a year off before Kindergarten, so :( we are taking a year off. I bet the kids had so much fun! I love your Halloween picts. All your kids costumes turned out awesome!! Looks like you had a great time.

PS love your place mat pillow, so creative!