Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Days of Christmas: Day 12

Read Matt. 2:1–2 How did the Wise Men know that Jesus had been born? (include star stickers)
Activity: Ward Christmas party

The kids were spoiled on Saturday morning with a thin layer of snow all over the ground, enough to make snowballs to throw at their dad. Boy were they excited to play in it! Later on we had our family pictures taken by my sister. It was raining so we ended up taking the pictures inside of a couple hotel lobbies! That was quite the task as Rex was really mad we kept taking pictures. With five little ones to focus on, there was lots of bribery and quick snaps in hopes of ending up with something worthy of keeping on the wall. I guess we'll just drag them back outside if they don't turn out. After the kids picked out their prize at the dollar store, we headed over to the ward Christmas party. We were a little late so we missed the nativity but enjoyed the food, company and carols. It seemed to be a rather eventful but successful day!

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