Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Days of Christmas: Day 13 Santa Clause

Read Matt. 2:7–10--Where did Herod send the Wise Men?
Activity: A visit from Santa Clause!

Sundays are always busy at our house but the kids didn't mind the extra visitor last night! We had a knock on the door and who do you suppose it was? Why Santa Clause with his jolly bells and all. The kids were thrilled to see Santa Clause! Rex was the only one who wasn't quite sure of the jolly old man. Tater was sure it was his grandpa but everyone else thought he was crazy! Katie was a great sport and made sure Santa knows that she wants a Barbie cruiser, I guess we'll have to see what Santa has in his bag for her. Tater wants Indiana Jones Legos, Rex wants dinosaurs but wasn't willing to sit on Santa's lap to tell him. Jack-Jack jumped up on Santa's lap and then completely went blank, he just stared at the man in the red suit! Bubba saw Santa on Saturday night so he had no problem sitting on his lap, especially with a candy cane as bribery. The kids loved it and ran outside to see a twinkle of Santa's sleigh in the sky! Looks like this Christmas is going pretty well so far!


Shenille said...

How fun!

Gramma & Grampa said...

This is way fun for the kids (did they recognize Santa?)