Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Days of Christmas: Day 2

Read Luke 1:26-33 Who told Mary that she would have a baby?
Activity: Put up and decorate the Christmas tree

This was a rather eventful day as I woke up early this morning with the stomach flu, shortly after Bubba puked his little guts out! Well there is only Katie and Mr. A left before it has gone through the whole family. The boys were a bundle of energy to say the least. Tater felt well enough to be back at school Tuesday. Rex and Jack-Jack are still struggling a bit with the runs but otherwise it is just Bubba and me really feeling the yucks! We were able to get up the Christmas tree which was a little too exciting for the boys. They couldn't calm down enough to make their ornaments stay at first! We got it up and it looks good. I appreciate my fake tree if it leans or is not full enough it is any easy fix. Hey even if the boys knock it over I'll be able to fix it! Keep your fingers crossed. Katie has her first piano recital tomorrow evening, she's been working hard since the beginning of September and we're excited to see her progress. With her long, thin fingers she was born to play!

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Keith and Laura said...

Sounds miserable with everyone getting sick. I am amazed you still got the tree up and decorated. It looks great. What a fun site with things to do every day of December!