Monday, December 7, 2009

The Days of Christmas: Day 7

Read Micah 5:2—What does this scripture foretell about Bethlehem?
Activity: Sing O Little Town of Bethlehem

My aunt came to town for a short visit. She was only able to get away for a couple days since all her family is so dependent on her in Seattle. We were invited to dinner over at my parents house for a visit. We went over for a spaghetti dinner and to visit with my aunt, parents, grandparents and siblings. It was nice! Everyone besides Mr. A, my brother and his crew came over to visit. The kids loved playing with cousins and running the house a muck! Rex seemed a little uncomfortable with so many people around but he survived. Just a little clingy! Bubba was fine, he was comfortable around enough people as long as there was crawling space which seemed a little limited due to the amount of people!

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