Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Preschool: Letter G

Today was another preschool day that I was in charge of. We started out tracing the letter G in both upper and lowercase with Elmer's glue on a green piece of construction paper with colorful glitter. The kids loved dumping glitter onto paper. Making a mess is their specialty! Then we read the Gingerbread Man which the kids loved. Games and goose start with G so we went outside and played Duck, duck, goose. They couldn't get enough of that game. Literally!!! Next we had a snack of gingerbread man cookies with colorful sprinkles of red and green. Glasses were next so I used piper cleaners and shaped them into glasses. The kids loved wearing them! Alexa Kayley said they made her look brainy! Silly girl. I then let them play outside as they all love to play on the playground. I think the kids had lots of fun, I know they were happy!

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