Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving Weekend

Our Thanksgiving Day weekend was very busy with football games, family, eating lots of good food, shopping, a birthday party and a baby blessing! We started off with the guys participating in our wards turkey bowl. It was great fun and my little guys and lady loved watching and playing with everyone during the game. We then went home and made some yummy food to add to the feast at my parents house. Mr. A seemed to get lost during this time and didn't show up until it was time to leave. We ended up late to dinner, oh well. Maybe next year! We still ate lots of food and visited with family. I went out with my SIL, sister and my mom to see New Moon, the second Twilight movie later that night. It was a lot more suspensful than the last movie. I was surprised at how many men where there! I'm not a big Twilight fan so I went as more of being with the girls than watching a love struck teenager in love with a vampire who lusts for her blood. I like historical fiction so Twilight is not really my thing.

Mr. A went out early Friday morning to participate in Black Friday! He's crazy!!! He gets a little wrapped up into it so I have to make sure he's not buying the whole store. He did end up buying a ping pong table for $150 for the Ping Pong Club but he's been looking for awhile and got a good deal! Mr. A spent the whole month of November working on an extra project for a local business and made some Christmas money so we don't have to wait until the week of Christmas to start our shopping. I guess I cannot give him too much trouble! The rest of Friday we just played around, ate leftovers and visited with the family at Grandma and Grandpa B's house. Early Saturday morning Tater threw up, we were supposed to take a huge family picture but several members of the family ended up sick with the flu so maybe sometime next year. Later Tater felt better so we decided it would be alright to go to my nephew's birthday party at Pirate Island Pizza. The kids loved it! We then traveled over to my parents house and watched BYU defeat the University of Utah in overtime. Bummer!

Sunday morning we went to Coral Canyon where my brother blessed his baby girl in their ward. Mr. A was able to get out of a few morning meetings so he could participate. It was a nice blessing. After that we went to our own ward and went back to our regular schedule for the week. Early Monday morning Jack-Jack woke up puking as well as Tater. Later in the day Rex added to the mess! I spent most the time doing laundry and tending to 4 little sick boys and a baby with a cold! It has been a busy day!

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